A New Season for PSR and I

FSR is just a few days away from the lights of the first race going out to signal that a new season has begun. For the teams and drivers, the season has been going for a while now. Since we first got to see our new cars to be honest. We have been doing lots and lots of practice to make sure that we get our races this year, just right. We have set our goals for the season and we are going to push very hard to be able to achieve them.


I have been put into car number 36 for this season in the Positive SimRacing Junior Green team. I really like the look of my car this year. I am hoping that I can do well this year. I want to be able to achieve my own personal goals, and of course the goals of my team. I really do not want to let them down this year. I think that we have the equipment tools and recorces to do a great job this year.


When I am lining up on the grid in Melbourne, I will be feeling very happy and nervous at the same time. I am excited by the prospect of doing well in my home GP, but I know that I must bring the car home, and that is what I intend to do this weekend. I have had troubles in the off season with finishing GP. And last year aswell. These are due to little mistakes from myself with which I hope to iron out this year. I am hoping that this year will be built around successes within the team and not flaus that we find.


The team has several new sponsors on board, which we are all excited about! The team had worked hard on the off season to find sponsors and the work has paid off. With BIO Cross, Novoa Designs, Mightygate and EC Sim Hardware all joining the team to help provide the rescorces which can help us exceed in Formula SimRacing.


I can not wait to start this season. I am very excited to be working with this team and I hope to bring home some results of effort.


Written by Jackson Wendt