The Engineer

So, with the F1 season start just around the corner, I figured I will tell you about my role in Positive SimRacing, for the 2014 Sim Racing seasons. As I have little time for racing this year, I will be taking position of Race Engineer for my Best friend Kevin Siggy. I will hopefully with all things going well, be at his side for all of the races he does this season. I am hoping that we are able to work as an effective team. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin can do a fantastic job this year in GPVWC, and Balázs for that matter. I want to be able to provide the information that they need at all stages of the race. I am hoping that my contribution can help them both to succeed. As for Formula SimRacing, I would absolutely love to be racing again this year, however, as I said, the times do not suit. I will try to be as involved in helping the league succeed in what it does. I have offered my services as a “backup” highlights editor if they need one. This won’t be much if any help, but I will try to do as much as possible.


I wish FSR, GPVWC, Positive SimRacing, Balázs and of course Kevin the best of luck this year, I will never be too far away.


Thanks Guys.


Nice race in Korea

FINALLY! I finally was able to break into the extra points paying positions in the World Trophy Korean GP.

P11 was the absolute maximum today, I was on a 1 stop strategy. There was a lot of changing of strategy during the race. I started on the Hard tires, but they seemed to fall off quickly under the heavy car load, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to half race distance to stop for hards again to go to the end of the race, so I swapped to an alternate strategy, pitting on lap 16 of the 42 lap race to put on Hard tires, I was going to stop again on lap 32 for a final mad dash to the finish on fresh softs.

After my pitstop, I got into a rhythm and was able to drive quick laps to those around me consistently. Then I noticed, that my tires weren’t dropping off nearly as quickly as before, and I had it in my mind, that if I could nurse the tires doing consistent reasonable lap times, that I might be able to switch back to my 1 stop strategy, of course I would have to go a lot further on this set of tires than before, but the life in them was amazing. When I started the race, I was dropping 4 percent of life in them per lap, but now I was dropping only 1. So I pressed on and had to hold off an attack from Muru who I came out in front of during the pit stop phase. I had the car in the straight line, he just had it in the corners, it was a nice battle, there was never an overtake possible for him, but he kept me honest, if I made a mistake I would have lost the position.

In the end, I was able to drive my own race and finished in P11. I am very happy with the result, it had been coming for a while and I am now hoping to go 1 better next race.


My first no show in season 2013

Hey Guys, been a while between posts. So it finally happened, the first race this season, which I haven’t scored points. Because I wasn’t present.


A busy week halted my race practice and by the time of the race, there was nothing that I could do, but sit on the sidelines and watch. I helped out my team mate Kevin, by being his race engineer and biggest fan. He is by far, one of the easiest people to work with on track, because if you tell him that he needs to push to catch the car in front, then that is exactly what he does. His week was very much like mine, except he couldn’t practice due to technical issues with his computer, but on the day of the race, he was able to set some nice laps which were enough to get him through to G1. He had a slow start getting used to the race setup and adjusting to the cars rythem. He was quickly able to do this and set out after the guys in front, setting times which were similar to that of the leaders at the same moment in time. He did an excellent job for very minimal practice, and still came home with 10 valuable points.


10 points seems to be all that I can get this year in FSR, I am pushing very hard for my first top 10 and I am very hopeful that it can come at Korea because we had very decent pace here last year with Javier running 13th for a lot of the race. With our improved pace this year, I am hopeful that we can convert that pace into a strong result.


I didn’t enjoy sitting on the sidelines much this weekend at all. Granted it was nice not to have any pressure of wasting the hundreds of laps of practice in some silly incident in the race, but I would much have preferred that over sitting and watching. It was an unfortunate circumstances, but hopefully we will have everything going well in Korea.

A New Season for PSR and I

FSR is just a few days away from the lights of the first race going out to signal that a new season has begun. For the teams and drivers, the season has been going for a while now. Since we first got to see our new cars to be honest. We have been doing lots and lots of practice to make sure that we get our races this year, just right. We have set our goals for the season and we are going to push very hard to be able to achieve them.


I have been put into car number 36 for this season in the Positive SimRacing Junior Green team. I really like the look of my car this year. I am hoping that I can do well this year. I want to be able to achieve my own personal goals, and of course the goals of my team. I really do not want to let them down this year. I think that we have the equipment tools and recorces to do a great job this year.


When I am lining up on the grid in Melbourne, I will be feeling very happy and nervous at the same time. I am excited by the prospect of doing well in my home GP, but I know that I must bring the car home, and that is what I intend to do this weekend. I have had troubles in the off season with finishing GP. And last year aswell. These are due to little mistakes from myself with which I hope to iron out this year. I am hoping that this year will be built around successes within the team and not flaus that we find.


The team has several new sponsors on board, which we are all excited about! The team had worked hard on the off season to find sponsors and the work has paid off. With BIO Cross, Novoa Designs, Mightygate and EC Sim Hardware all joining the team to help provide the rescorces which can help us exceed in Formula SimRacing.


I can not wait to start this season. I am very excited to be working with this team and I hope to bring home some results of effort.


Written by Jackson Wendt

Lime Rock – Rd 3 of the FSR Winter Series

You know guys, I will run this blog as if I am talking to you honestly about what went down in terms of preperation for the race and what happened in my own oppinion. This will be a space for me to connect with followers of the team.


This is the story of Lime Rock 2013, (Friday night) I was still uncertain coming into the weekend whether I would be able to race in this FSR race on Sunday morning for me, as I have had very little experience in these cars. At this point on friday, I had only 2 hours of Formula Renault 3.5 Car feel under my belt, aswell as the fact that I had limited training on rF2 in the week that I have had it. I was not at all confident coming into this weekend.

(Saturday) As the new day of practice dawned on me, I was feeling happy that I could test for the whole day and have all the little niggles of the car and track sorted by the time I would come to race  on Sunday morning. This was infact correct and I was happy with the performance that I put in in the day time. A lap time of 43.0, This would later be beaten of course as the car and track came to me even more. That night, I was on the FSR Server and I saw that Blair Disley was in the server, along with Patrick De Wit, Thomas Jackson and Kevin Siggy. This was very exciting for me as Blair is an Aussie just like I. He was my motivation for getting into FSR and to finally be able to meet him and talk to him was something very special for me. I was very happy that night.


(Sunday 12:30am) So I set my alarm for 12:30 as I had a few things to do before the race other than just practice. These things included, setting up my On Screen Display (OSD) which tells me race positions, sector times and most importantly for me, race fuel. Some of these features later proved to be helpful such as the sector splits.


So, as practice was drawing to a close, it became aparant to me that qualifying would be total chaos. Blue flags would be flown everywhere and nobody should be able to get a clean lap in. It turns out that my fears were justified and were even worse than that! Getting out of the pit lane without getting tapped became a monumental task as it was so busy with mistakes being made left, right and centre on track. I couldn’t get space on track but then after being so angry with the blue flags basically making me go off the track for people behind me, I came out of the pits in some clear air! I thought, right! Jackson DO NOT WASTE THIS OPPORTUNITY! I didn’t, I was able to channel all of my anger and frustration into that lap and I put in my fastest lap of the weekend of a 42.2 beating my previous best by one tenth. That was the first time that I had ever stood up and took charge in Qualifying, so I was very happy. This was all meaningless in terms of position 18th out of 20 something, but it meant that I had potential to pull something out later in my sim career. 


The race wasn’t at all pretty with 10 retirements on the first lap. I was in 8th place! De Wit then took out Leppala and so I was up a couple more, but on lap 3, I don’t know who it was, spun on the last corner and I couldn’t see his car due to smoke off his tyres. So BAM, both our races were over at this point, which was disappointing because I knew I couldn’t take the fight to the likes of Kostadinov, De Wit and Morand but I could have had a points finish with the number of finishers being 6.


Anyway, thats enough from me, hope you all enjoyed reading about this! I will see you all very shortly.. Bye guys


Jackson Wendt, Official Positive SimRacing Driver