The Engineer

So, with the F1 season start just around the corner, I figured I will tell you about my role in Positive SimRacing, for the 2014 Sim Racing seasons. As I have little time for racing this year, I will be taking position of Race Engineer for my Best friend Kevin Siggy. I will hopefully with all things going well, be at his side for all of the races he does this season. I am hoping that we are able to work as an effective team. There is no doubt in my mind that Kevin can do a fantastic job this year in GPVWC, and Balázs for that matter. I want to be able to provide the information that they need at all stages of the race. I am hoping that my contribution can help them both to succeed. As for Formula SimRacing, I would absolutely love to be racing again this year, however, as I said, the times do not suit. I will try to be as involved in helping the league succeed in what it does. I have offered my services as a “backup” highlights editor if they need one. This won’t be much if any help, but I will try to do as much as possible.


I wish FSR, GPVWC, Positive SimRacing, Balázs and of course Kevin the best of luck this year, I will never be too far away.


Thanks Guys.


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