Nice race in Korea

FINALLY! I finally was able to break into the extra points paying positions in the World Trophy Korean GP.

P11 was the absolute maximum today, I was on a 1 stop strategy. There was a lot of changing of strategy during the race. I started on the Hard tires, but they seemed to fall off quickly under the heavy car load, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to half race distance to stop for hards again to go to the end of the race, so I swapped to an alternate strategy, pitting on lap 16 of the 42 lap race to put on Hard tires, I was going to stop again on lap 32 for a final mad dash to the finish on fresh softs.

After my pitstop, I got into a rhythm and was able to drive quick laps to those around me consistently. Then I noticed, that my tires weren’t dropping off nearly as quickly as before, and I had it in my mind, that if I could nurse the tires doing consistent reasonable lap times, that I might be able to switch back to my 1 stop strategy, of course I would have to go a lot further on this set of tires than before, but the life in them was amazing. When I started the race, I was dropping 4 percent of life in them per lap, but now I was dropping only 1. So I pressed on and had to hold off an attack from Muru who I came out in front of during the pit stop phase. I had the car in the straight line, he just had it in the corners, it was a nice battle, there was never an overtake possible for him, but he kept me honest, if I made a mistake I would have lost the position.

In the end, I was able to drive my own race and finished in P11. I am very happy with the result, it had been coming for a while and I am now hoping to go 1 better next race.