My first no show in season 2013

Hey Guys, been a while between posts. So it finally happened, the first race this season, which I haven’t scored points. Because I wasn’t present.


A busy week halted my race practice and by the time of the race, there was nothing that I could do, but sit on the sidelines and watch. I helped out my team mate Kevin, by being his race engineer and biggest fan. He is by far, one of the easiest people to work with on track, because if you tell him that he needs to push to catch the car in front, then that is exactly what he does. His week was very much like mine, except he couldn’t practice due to technical issues with his computer, but on the day of the race, he was able to set some nice laps which were enough to get him through to G1. He had a slow start getting used to the race setup and adjusting to the cars rythem. He was quickly able to do this and set out after the guys in front, setting times which were similar to that of the leaders at the same moment in time. He did an excellent job for very minimal practice, and still came home with 10 valuable points.


10 points seems to be all that I can get this year in FSR, I am pushing very hard for my first top 10 and I am very hopeful that it can come at Korea because we had very decent pace here last year with Javier running 13th for a lot of the race. With our improved pace this year, I am hopeful that we can convert that pace into a strong result.


I didn’t enjoy sitting on the sidelines much this weekend at all. Granted it was nice not to have any pressure of wasting the hundreds of laps of practice in some silly incident in the race, but I would much have preferred that over sitting and watching. It was an unfortunate circumstances, but hopefully we will have everything going well in Korea.